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Base Architects and Associates have been at the forefront of Competition winning design for more than a decade. As a team we have the ability to create Buildings that are both relevant cost effective and Original.

We have over the years successfully created buildings for our own clients and also provided the service as a specialist team in support for many other Professional teams and Developers. Due to this joint venture experience, Base maintain a connection with, and share intellectual resources of a network of international practitioners that are as diverse as the industry requires.  With this experience we are well placed to provide an Architectural service for just about any project.

This has given Base Architects and Associates a leading position in the field of Architecture while at the same time maintaining its openness and curiosity in the collaboration with others.

Our constant research on modern materials and innovative methods, ensures that our detailing and documentation stays relevant, economical and environmentally friendly, to a point that we have been published and acclaimed to be at the forefront of innovative architecture.

Our mantra “a Journey, to research, design and build Architecture that challenges the norm of conventional building methods and materials. Through this research we learn to adapt modern technologies and materials to create an Architecture that is relevant in these times, and conscious of our deteriorating planet. Our long term goal is to re-realise Le Corbusier’s term “a machine for living in”. However this time it includes the construction techniques “to be built like a machine” – our term Lego-tecture, however at the same time understanding that within this, the brutality of the machine must be one of poetry and inspire the soul, a sense of place within its relevant environment”

Base specializes in both the Design and Technical departments, and this has provided us with a strong foundation to successfully Project manage and co-ordinate large scale projects. The ability to cover the broad spectrum of all Architectural disciplines allows for our buildings to be Designed, Detailed and Managed appropriately from inception to completion.

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